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Every Picture

Tells a story!

Founded in 2019 by Maurice Kadamani, we are an emerging Australian production company with offices in Melbourne, Victoria.

We make films & drama. We love storytelling and bringing great film to life.

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Every picture does tell a story. Who, what, where and how? When we first examine a motion picture we can understand an actors impression, body language and movement by resonating with or without the need for sound. All key elements we address when we direct, produce and tell a story on the big screen. If it moves and inspires people, then we've fulfilled our mission.

Our story first began with the very idea to create a small showreel scene that entails two underworld figures also known as hitmen. These two actors came together with the impression that it'll end there but once the picture was produced and the story was told, the love for filmmaking became apparent and we saw the birth of Every Picture Films.

Our team has many years of experience and is ready to take on new and exciting projects.

We believe in team dynamics and every position filled has an important role behind creating a masterpiece and thankfully our family has a passion for what they do! We look forward to working with you on your next exciting project!

Quality comes first and our purpose is to help piece together a team that creates magic.

We understand how important film making is and how crucial it is to capture the right moment that is why a lot of time and effort goes into the importance of film making whether its location scouting, careful casting, make up, lighting and post editing - all these elements are equally as important to piecing together a great film.

The Team

Say hello to our family!

Maurice Kadamani

/ Producer / Director / Writer / Storyteller

Christopher Walz

/ Assistant Producer, Actor

John Orcsik

/ Director / Filmmaker

We can't wait to see you.